Screen of settings / other

Profile edit button

Open the profile edit screen.

Coins information confirmation button

Display coins information, such as possessed coins, total acquisition coins, or usage history.

News button

Display the list of latest information.

Springin' official site button

Display the Springin' official site.

Springin' 'Terms of Service'

Displays Springin' 'Terms of Service'.

Profile edit screen

Profile image

Tap to open the profile image update screen.


Enter your username. Username is needed to upload and download a work on the market. After you upload a work, your username is displayed as a creator. Username can be changed later.


Enter your self-introduction. When you upload a work to the market, your profile and username are displayed.

Accept button

Determine the entry, and close the profile edit screen.

Coin screen

Profile image

Display the profile image.

Possessed coins

Display the possessed coins.

Total acquisition coins

Display the total acquisition coins.

History display period

Select the period to display the history.

Monthly total

Display monthly total coins.

Coin usage history

Check each month usage history.

Way to get coins button

Display the way to get coins.

Close button

Close the coin information display screen, and back to settings and other.

News list screen

News list

The latest news are sorted from top to bottom.

Close button

Back to settings and other.