Market screen

User menu

Display the user information such as possessed coins.


Display the market screen.


Display the list of popular creators or creators you are following.


Display the list of works you mark as your favorites.

Downloaded work

Display the list of works you downloaded from the market.

Search button

The keyword entry screen opens.

Campaign and feature banner

Display upload campaign or feature banner.

Recommend work display button

Display the list of recommend works.

Play button

Display the market screen.

Create button

Display the create screen.

Setting button

Display various settings.

QR Code (Springin' Code) reader button

Opens the QR Code reader.

List of recommend works screen

List of recommend works

Tap a recommend work and open the work details screen.

Work outline

Work title, comment, creator icon, and the required number of coins to download are displayed.

Back button

Close the list of recommend works.

Work details screen


The first scene of the work is displayed.

Creator information

Display a creator icon and username. Tap to open the creator information screen.

Title / Comments

Title and comments are displayed.

Favorite button

Mark as your favorite.

Download button

Download a work using the displayed number of coins.

Sharing methods selection button

Display the methods for sharing work.

Close button

Close work details.

Publication date / Data size information

Tap to see the publication date and data size.


Tap (or slide) to display the report button (You can report the work in violation of the Terms and Conditions).

Creator list screen

List of creators

Display the list of creators.

List of creators you are following

Display the list of creators you are following.

Creator information

Display the details of creator, such as creator info, the list of uploaded works, the number of followers, and you are following or not.

Creator details screen

Profile image

Display the creator's profile image.

Creator name
Follow button

Follow the displayed creator.

Creator information

Display the creator's profile, the number of uploaded works, and the number of followers.

Work list

Display the work list which the creator uploaded to the market.