Work creating/editing

Mode menu

Select the state of the work (save, zoom display, background display, playback).

Item menu

The item creation button and created items are lined up.

Scene menu

The scene creation button and the created scene are lined up.


"Drag from the item menu and place it on the scene. The item attribute menu opens with pinch in / out by scaling, rotation, tap."


"The space where items are placed is called a scene. A maximum of 100 items can be placed in one scene. "

Indicator of the number of remaining placeable items and frame rate

"The left bar graph shows the number of remaining items that can be placed in the scene. If the white part disappears it will not be possible to place it.

The speedometer on the right side shows the current frame rate (the number of frames processed per unit time)."

Mode menu

Home button

Save the work being edited and return to the home screen.
The work is saved as a new work every time. (There is no overwrite saving.)

Help menu button

Help menu is displayed.

Zoom button

Zooms in the work being edited.

Background button

Changes to Background mode.

Play button

Play your work and check if it goes as planned.

Zoom mode

Zoom button

The work being edited is enlarged. Every time you tap, the zoom rate will change from 2 times the original size -> 4 times -> original size -> 2 times - 4 times etc.

It becomes easier to edit when small items or multiple items overlap.

Background mode

Item list

Place items to create a background. Multiple items placed on the background are handled as one background image.

Background exit button

Exit the background mode and return to the work edit screen.

Background item menu

You can adjust the items placed on the background and delete them from the background.

Item Menu

Add item button

Create a new item. The Create Item screen opens.
A maximum of 55 items can be created in the list.

Item list

The created items are lined up.
Tap an item on the list to open the item's attributes menu.

Item Initial attributes menu

Tap an item on the item list to display it.
You can set the initial attributes of items. It is convenient to use when placing similar item with the same attribute etc.

When you tap Delete button, it will be deleted from the item list, but the same item already placed in the scene will not be erased.

Tap the copy button to open the item creation screen. The original item will remain intact, never overwritten. Also, if you have already reached the maximum number of items you can not copy.


The item import button and the trash can button are displayed by tapping or sliding.

Import item selection

Work list

Select the work that contains the items you want to import.

Item list

Select the item(s) you wish to import.
Items that have been deleted from the item list can not be imported.

Cancel button

Cancel and return to the work edit screen.

Accept button

Import all the selected items and close the selection screen.
Imported items will be added to the item list.

Scene menu

Add scene button

Add a scene. The added scene opens.
Up to 50 scenes can be created in one work.

Scene list

Display scenes in the work.
Tap to open the selected scene.
You can sort through the list by pressing and holding the scene.

Scene copy button

Tap the scene you want to copy in the scene list and it will be displayed. When you tap the displayed copy button, the same scene is added to the end of the scene list.


The Trash button is displayed with tap or slide.

Scene attribute menu

Scene attribute menu

In the scene, tap the place where no item is placed and the scene attribute menu will be displayed.

Close button

Close the scene attribute menu. You can close it even if you tap outside the menu screen.

Item attribute menu

Item attribute menu

Tap an item placed on the screen to display it.

Close button

Close the item attribute menu. You can close it even if you tap outside the menu screen.

Delete button

Delete from the scene.

Item copy button

Add a copy including the attributes of the placed items. Items copied are displayed overlapping on the same item.

Item image change button

Replace the already placed items with other items selected from the list.
The previously set attributes are inherited.

Scale button

A guide that enlarges, reduces, and rotates with one finger is displayed.

Horizontal mirroring button

Flip the items horizontally.

Furthest to the back button

Place items at the back.

Furthest to the front button

Place items at the front.

Item image replacement screen

Replacement item image list

Select the item you want to replace.

Cancel button

Close the item image replacement screen and return to the work edit screen.

Accept button

Determine the item image you want to replace and close the selection screen.